IP65/ IP54 P6 Outdoor Advertising Display LED Module

Product Description DIP full color  rental outdoor led display/ screen for advertising and dissenminating information like video, text and image. Advanced SMT technology applied, Large-scale productionProducts related:1.Pixel Pitch: Indoor SMD Full Color Specs P1.562  P1.667  P1.923  P2  P2.5 

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Product Description

 DIP full color  rental outdoor led display/ screen for advertising and dissenminating information like video, text and image. Advanced SMT technology applied, Large-scale production

Products related:
1.Pixel Pitch: Indoor SMD Full Color Specs P1.562  P1.667  P1.923  P2  P2.5  P3  P3.91  P4  P4.81  P5  P6  P6.25  P10 Outdoor SMD Full Color Specs P3.91  P4  P4.81  P5.95  P5  P5.95  P6  P6.25  P6.67  P8  P10 Outdoor DIP Full Color Specs P10  P16  P20  P25 and so on                
2. Display Color: 256*256*256
3. LED Chips: Nationstar Epistar,
4. Raw Materials: Toshiba IC, MBI IC, Chuanglian Power Supply, Meanwel Power Supply, Meanwel fans, ADDA fan, Beijing glue, Korean glue.
5. Cabinet: Standard cabinet, simple cabinet, customized cabinet, cabinet for rental, Iron or Aluminum cabinet, cabinet for front maintenance, cabinet with lock, special cabinet with Southco Lock, for hung and rental and etc.
6. Package: Flight case, wooden box package & carton box and etc.
7. Guarantee:  Ranging from 1 year to 5 years                                                      
Mask: Unique design with patent makes it more orderly and better visual effect as well as better waterproof effects. The screw is longer than others, which can prevent the mask falling off.
9. The PCB board is thicker, which can postpone corrosion. Also, cement conduct can be waterproof.

Product nameP6 outdoor led displayP6.67 outdoor led displayP10 Outdoor led display
Half-bright angle (horizontal / vertical)140°/ 70°140°/ 70°140°/ 70°
Viewing angle (horizontal / vertical)160°/ 140°160°/ 140°160°/ 140°
Number of colors16bit16bit16bit
Working temperature-20~50ºC-20~50ºC-20~50ºC
Working environment humidity10%~90%10%~90%10%~90%
Cell plate resolution (L * H)32X3248X2432X16
Cell plate current6.5A8.8A6A
Module weight410g400g425g
Transfer boardHub75DHub75DHub75D
Control MethodSynchronize with the video sourceSynchronize with the video sourceSynchronize with the video source
Discrete control point≤0.1‰≤0.1‰≤0.1‰

 IP65/IP54 P6 Outdoor LED Module for Advertising Display

Functions and Advantage
1. High refresh rate: with NOVA control system, no scanning line when photographed
2. High gray level: RGB each 256, can display 16.7M colors. Vivid image and video, rich in describing the details of color                                                                             
3.High resolution: the most apparent features for the new generation of LED display, which can offer our viewers more excellent display effect                                             
4. Good color uniformity: With brand Lamp chip of Nationstar, IC.                                
5. High Brightness: Big size LED chip, like RS-3535 R (11*14) G&B (12*12), compared with other manufacturers, automatically adjusted to environment                 
6. High quality: meet the request of international standard of CE, FCC, RoHs, FCC, IP65, ISO9001 + 100% testing before shipping.                                                            
7. Long life span >100000hours, and warranty ranging from 1 year to 5 years.           
8. Provide Customized solution to meet different using- environment.

IP65/IP54 P6 Outdoor LED Module for Advertising Display


Our products Cover indoor, outdoor, fixed, rental and creative LED Solutions for various applications including sport, advertisement, concert, shopping mall, stadium, exhibition or any other indoor and outdoor events that comes to your imagination
IP65/IP54 P6 Outdoor LED Module for Advertising Display


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Shenzhen HongHui photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd is a full range manufacturer and LED display solution provider and its ancillary systems worldwide since 2013, headquartered in Shenzhen with a 2000 square meter Production state of the art facilities to cover international demands. We provide a one-stop shopping in the design, production, and distribution of LED display and solution for our domestic and global clients. 
Our products Cover indoor, outdoor, fixed, rental and creative LED Solutions for various applications including sport, advertisement, concert, shopping mall, stadium, exhibition or any other indoor and outdoor events that comes to your imagination. To learn more, please ask us about our fully featured customization options! 
We strictly follow ISO9001: 2008 quality management system and passed CE, FCC, UL, RoHS, CCC etc. All of these factors ensure high quality LED products and effective services. 

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1. Enquiry response time: within 12hrs.
2. Provide distributors customized design and models we already have.
3. Keep your sales area, design idea and all your private information confidential.
4. Top quality + reasonable price + all-around after-sales service.
5. Brilliant Opto can also offer you LED stage display, LED outdoor video wall, wedding LED display, meeting room LED electronic screen billboard  indoor or outdoor LED panel and LED large screen full color display.                                        
6. Providing 24-hour-free-technical-support by telephone or email.

The purpose of our service is to satisfy your demand as soon and well as possible and to establish a promising business tie between us.

Cabinet size (L * H): 960*960
Box area: 0.9216 m²
Finished product box weight: 20KG
Cabinet resolution (L * H): 160*160
Box material: Iron
Single card can be with a number of modules (height): 6 pieces  
 IP65/IP54 P6 Outdoor LED Module for Advertising Display



Q1: What is a static screen, what is to scan screen, what is the difference between the two?
A:  Static screen refers to when the led screen display text, images and video, the lamp is lit at the same time on the led display light;
Scanning screen refers to the light like a scan on the led display, is the advantage of the characteristics of the human eye of persistence of vision, in a short time period will be led display all light respectively.
The difference between the two: because the LED display is driven by duty ratios, which makes the brightness of the LED display has a lot to do with the light of time cycle. So, in the same light tube with the same brightness, static screen is higher than scanning the brightness of the screen, so commonly used static screen need high brightness in the outdoor show, the scanning screen commonly used in the interior of brightness demand is not high, driven to save cost.
Q2: Display image is not complete or position is not right?
A:  1,. Firstly check "display position" in the software and the "screen size" of the parameters and display the actual size is consistent, if you don't remember, can go to see behind the screen body, calculate the screen body length and width of the pixel points. "Screen size" is determined, can go to the computer software in and see how much "screen display area", and then adjusted, until the position match.
2, if the display is not comprehensive, checks the screen connection to load the file is in agreement with the screen "screen size".
3,plays in the image is in agreement with the screen size, some image for 16:9 or 4:3 ratio, so released images won't full-screen playback.
Q3: There is no sound LED display screen?
A: 1, confirm that the computer sound card, use the earphone test. If there is a voice.
2. Confirm the computer sound output problem is normal to the screen body contact amplifiers, and the power amplifier to the audio cable is normal.
3, once again confirm the computer sound card and other equipment have sound card without conflict.
Q4:Unit module, one or more lines are not bright?
A:1, use multimeter to check out a line with the 4953 IC (manager) if there is a general output pin.
2, use a multimeter to check 74 hc138ic input and output is normal.
3, using a multimeter to check if 4953 IC burning or burned.
4, using a multimeter to check whether there is high level 4953 IC (voltage).
5, use multimeter to check 74 hc138 and 4953 control foot pass.
Q5:Display jitter (scintillation) have stripes?
A:1, check whether the DVI signal line contact is in good condition, and signal lines are in good condition, the presence of poor contact, or the signal wire RJ45 crystal head with and without oxidation phenomenon.
2, check the signal lines for damage phenomenon.
3, check whether signal lines with high voltage cable, identified and separated. (signal wire and cable, power supply of electromagnetic interference) of weak current signal has great.

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