Unilumin supplies LED displays to World Cup finals stadium

2022-11-14 14:51:50 By : Mr. ZDAN Shanghai

By AV Magazine in Display, MEA, Sports and arenas November 10, 2022 0

Customised LED display solutions, which improve heat dissipation efficiency by more than 50% were provided at the Lusail Stadium, which is the largest in Qatar.

The FIFA World Cup is going to start on 21 November , and its finals will be held in Lusail Stadium, the largest in Qatar.

LED displays for the stadium were jointly provided by Unilumin and Daktronics, and among them the large LED scoring screens were provided by Unilumin.

Qatar  has high temperature and strong sunlight intensity, which requires the LED displays used in this World Cup to have better heat dissipation, higher brightness and other outstanding performance.

To provide a better watching experience for fans around the world, the technical team at Unilumin customised the design of the cabinet and applied the specific module mask, driver IC and chip, which can improve heat dissipation efficiency by more than 50%.

Brightness is also greatly improved, which can not only ensure the long-term stable operation of displays, but also guarantee clear display under strong light, so that the audience can enjoy the game wherever they are in the ground.

Unilumin’s LED display terminals are also equipped with its self-developed display control and operation and maintenance platform that realises intelligent remote control of playback, broadcast and interaction during the event.

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