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2022-11-14 14:52:56 By : Ms. Carrie Chan

LG Display has ambitious plans for the future of display technology and how it can be used. The latest product from the division is a stretchy full-color RGB display that can be twisted and folded without distorting its 100ppi resolution.

Engineered from a film-type substrate made of silicon, the same material used in contact lenses, the 12-inch (305 mm) display can not only be crumpled and contorted but can literally be stretched. It’s rubbery flexibility allows the display to extend to 14 inches (356 mm), a 20% increase in size.

The display is layered with micro-LED lights smaller than 40-micrometers. The low density of pixel pitch lends itself to high-resolution in tandem with high level of durability. LG says that the quality of its stretchable display competes with that of most existing monitors today. Instead of linear wiring, the display employs an S-form spring system, which allows it to undergo repetitive changes without permanently losing shape and rubber band-like quality.

Developers envision that the display can be used across a variety of applications, from wrapping cars to being used as a textile to make clothing and furniture.

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