KT&T developed a full-color OLED microdisplay with a brightness of 12,000 nits | OLED-Info

2022-11-14 14:51:04 By : Ms. Yoli Shu

KT&T, established in 2020 as a spin-off from INT Tech with an investment of $143 million, has developed an OLED microdisplay that achieved a brightness of 12,000 nits, which is the highest brightness OLED microdisplay ever developed.

The new panel is based on KT&T's own uNEEDXR technology, which is a direct-emission (no color filters) design. The display achieves very high brightness and high efficiency.

In 2021, KT&T demonstrated a 5,000 nits microdisplay. The company is now starting to sample the 12,000 display – a 0.39” XGA 3368 PPI panel and is also developing other displays including a 0.6” SVGA panel (in both monochrome and full-color) and a 0.7” FHD full-color panel.

This is a very interesting development as KT&T becomes the second OLED microdisplay maker (after eMagin) to offer direct-emission displays. eMagin is developing a 10,000 nits display, and says that with a tandem architecture it can achieve a brightness of around 20,000 nits.